Homeschool Program

Home School Program
     The goal at Lighthouse Christian School is to train the entire family to serve the Lord. It is not just a school; it is a ministry. Lighthouse Christian has continued to maintain the ACCELERATED CHRISTIAN EDUCATION SCHOOL OF TOMORROW Model status throughout its existence. This is the highest standard of excellence a school using the Accelerated Christian Education curriculum can attain. Lighthouse Christian School has an educational program from K-5 through the 12th grade. Its program facilitates learning from the second to twelfth grade through self-instructional materials requiring a minimum of adult supervision while enabling students with varied abilities to advance academically. A student can develop skills while working at his own academic level within the limits of his own ability and according to his own background. Through controls and motivation, he is able to advance to his highest potential.

        Student achievement is often hampered by grading and grouping students according to their chronological age. Through national achievement tests and diagnostic testing the student is evaluated relative to vocabulary and cognitive skills. This makes it possible to prescribe his curriculum at his actual level of performance. A student’s level is determined by ability, not age.

        It is the desire of Lighthouse Baptist Church to help families raise their children in an environment with Biblical values and a quality Christian Education that is second to none.

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