Only eligible students may participate in inter-scholastic athletics. The main athletic program consist of girls volleyball, boys and girls basketball.

Plans are to compete in the GCAA in individual sports, such as, cross county and golf; and team sports soccer and *NASP archery in the near future.

*NASP (National Archery in the Schools Program) is archery program designed to at introduce competitive archery to students and familiarize them with archery. With the training of our coaches, we have applied and planned for new equipment to school’s Physical Education program.  You may find more information when you click the NASP title.

A student must be on academic balance for each quarter. The number of PACEs will be checked at mid-term (progress report) and end (report card) of each grading period. Students who become ineligible for extra-curricular activities will remain so until the student is back on academic balance. At least one game must be missed if this occurs.

A student will also forfeit the right to participate in at least one game if he has two hours of detention in any given week.

A special athletic award program is provided in spring to give recognition and rewards to students for their achievement in athletics. Awards vary depending on the sport. Parents and students are invited to special banquet with lots of food and fun. Usually a special speaker will be the main part of the program.

This is a program headed up by our athletic department for the community for children 3 – 12 year of age to compete in basketball and volleyball. Our high school students help run the program.

The Lighthouse Christian School Conqueror Club is group of parents and interested friends who have indicated a desire the special help to Lighthouse Christian School through daily prayer and regular financial contributions for ongoing operation the school. Membership drives are held each fall. Membership is open to anyone with a desire to promote and support Lighthouse Christian School.